Nick and Gaby will be arriving to Guatemala a bit early to get settled and enjoy our most favorite place!  We will be organizing activities and excursions and anyone who would like to join is more than welcome!

Nick Stilwell and Gaby Ward

Explore Guatemala With Us

We're planning on using this time to relax and enjoy some of our favorite places. 

We have a fun itinerary of activities and excursions to explore everything that Guatemala has to offer both before & after the wedding.

Everyone is more than welcome to join us in any or all of the following activities, although definitely not necessary!  There are plenty of other things to do in Antigua, so don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like some suggestions on what to do during your down time.

All pre & post wedding activities and trips can be
purchased and facilitated through Antigua Tours!

Pre-Wedding Activities

Finca Filadelfia

Shuttle leaves hotel area at 10am

  • $20 per person for Coffee Tour

  • $50 per person for Ziplining

Finca Filadelfia is a historic family-run coffee plantation and resort that has been producing coffee since 1864. 


As one of the country's biggest exports, Guatemala is known for its incredible coffee. 


Finca Filadelfia offers coffee tours and other outdoor activities, and of course sells its own freshly roasted coffee on site at its restaurants and gift shops. 

You can request a return shuttle at any time.

Wednesday  |  3.20.19

 Pre-Wedding Activities 

Get To Know Antigua With Us!

For those who plan on making this a vacation and are interested in learning a bit more about Guatemalan culture and the history behind the city of Antigua, please feel free to join us in any of the following pre-planned group activities.

This is our itinerary of fun things we plan on doing before the big day, and 100% optional for any and all who would like to join us!

Hike to Volcano Pacaya

Group leaves Antigua at 9am

$50.00 per person

Volcan de Pacaya is located about an hour away from Antigua.  The volcano first erupted over 23,000 years ago and, offers safe guided hiking tours to the top. 


The hike is medium difficulty, with an elevation of about 1,500 feet, taking about 2 hours to get to the top.  Throughout the hike, there are numerous resting points where drinks and snacks are available for purchase.

If hiking is not your thing but you still want to join, horse rentals are available to help you get to the top!

Lunch is provided and the group will return to Antigua around 3pm.

Thursday  |  3.21.19


Explore Guatemala With Us!

Following the wedding, we'll be taking the rest of the week to travel the country!  We'll start by touring the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal, and wrap the trip up with a relaxing few days at Lake Atitlan with family and friends.

Again, we wanted to share our travel plans with all guests for those who would like to join us, but this is absolutely optional!

 Post Wedding Adventures 

Pre-Wedding Activities

Finca Filadelfia

About Finca Filadelfia


-coffee plantation tour




Wednesday  |  3.20.19

Post-Wedding Activities

Mon 3/25-Wed 3/27

Mayan Pyramids of Tikal

After the wedding weekend, we plan to visit Tikal, an ancient Mayan city in the rainforests of northern Guatemala.  Once the greatest city of the Maya world, its iconic ruins of temples and palaces leave much to be explored.  The grounds are located in a dense tropical forest, home to toucans, parrots, howler & spider monkeys, and other animals.

The best travel option is a one hour flight from La Aurora Airport in Guatemala City to the town of Flores, and then a one hour shuttle to Tikal.

Many tourists take quick one-day trips to Tikal, but there are also a few hotels located near the ruins if you are interested in staying longer.

Wed 3/27-Sat 3/30

Lake Atitlan

Renowned as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lago de Atitlan is Guatemala's largest lake and deepest in Central America, naturally created in a volcanic crater formed 84,000 years ago.  It is surrounded by multiple volcanos and Mayan villages, offering plenty to explore and a beautiful backdrop to relax and swim. 

Lake Atitlan is one of our favorite places in all of Guatemala.  We would love for you to join us as we spend some time unwinding from the wedding.

Travel to Lake Atitlan is about three hours by car or shuttle from Guatemala City.  There are many hotels and Airbnb options around the lake.

Contact Antigua Tours to reserve your ride to the lake